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Publikasi Tahun 2020

No. Judul Publikasi Tahun
1International Teaching Practicum: Challenges Faced by Pre-service EFL Teachers in ESL Settings 2020
2EFL Learners’ Self-regulated Learning in a Technology-Mediated Language Learning Setting 2020
3Blogging in Extensive Reading: Students’ Voice in Blended Learning Classroom 2020
4English as Medium of Instruction at Physics International Class Program: A Study of Students’ Perception 2020

Publikasi Tahun 2019

No. Judul Publikasi Tahun
1Exploring Junior High School Students’ Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety 2019
2Teacher’s Professional Identity and Its Authenticity: A Case Study in Indonesia Higher Education 2019
3Narrating Students’ Identity to Promote Critical Language Awareness 2019
4Digital Comic: An Innovation of Using Toondoo as Media Technology for Teaching English Short Story 2019
5Portraying Learner’s Autonomy in Extensive Reading Classroom 2019
6Analisis Penerjemahan Lirik Lagu “It’s My Life” Karya Bon Jovi Versi Tautan 2019
7Students’ Present Condition in Implementing English for Hospitality Program 2019
8Integrating ICT in English for Academic Purposes Materials through Task-Based Approach 2019
9Reframing Intercultural Communicative COmpetence Echoed in the Indonesian EFL Learners’ Responding Texts: A Discursive Approach 2019
10Profiling Learning Activities in Extensive Reading Course: A Case of Indonesian University Learners 2019
11How Do I Write Poetry? Investigating Students’ Creativity in Writing Poetry 2019
12The Role of Autonomy on Students’ Creativity in Writing Short Story: A Narrative Inquiry 2019
13In or Out of A Classroom?: An Ecological Understanding of Foreign Language Creative Writing 2019
14Student Teachers’ Engagement in Facebook-Assisted Peer Assessment in an Initial Teacher Education Context: Speaking 2.0 2019
15A comparative Case Study of Poster Presentation and Classroom Presentation 2019
16Investigating Collaborative Research Project in Indonesian Undergraduate Program: Benefits and Concerns 2019
17Facebook as a Mediation of Peer Assessment: Exploring Challenges and Benefits in an EFL Speaking Classroom Setting 2019
18The Quest Of Self-Directed Learning of Adult EFL Learners in Indonesian Higher Education Context 2019
19 My Feelings: Undergraduate Students’ Emotional Responses towards Supervisors’ Written Corrective Feedback in Their Thesis Writing 2019
20Workshop Penyusunan Perangkat Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris bagi Instruktur Lembaga Kursus Non Formal 2019
21Poster Presentation: Undergraduate EFL Student’s Experience 2019
22An Etnolinguistics Study: Developing Awareness and Responses of Local Wisdom in Tecahing English 2019
23 The Challenges of Pedagogy and the Application of ICT in Applying English for Academic Purposes Course: Teachers’ Insights 2019

Publikasi Tahun 2018

No. Judul Publikasi Tahun
1Falling into Culturist Trap: Practice of Othering in An Indonesian English Language Classroom 2018
2Critical Semiotic Analysis of Students’ Poster Presentation in an Indonesian EFL Tertiary Context 2018
3Falling into Culturist Trap: Practice of Othering in An Indonesian English Language Classroom 2018
4Anchoring Students’ Critical Thinking through a Critical Discourse Approach: Discursive Strategies in a Language Classroom 2018
5The Use Of TED and YOUTUBE in Extensive Listening Course: Exploring Possibilities of Autonomy Learning 2018
6Target Situation Analysis in Implementation of English for Hospitality Specific Purposes Program 2018
7Talk-Write: A Groundbreaking Technique for Shaping the Students’ Argumentative Writing Skills on Discussion Essays 2018
8Utilizing Digital Writing Tools to Improve Argumentative Essays 2018
9Flipped Learning In Listening Class: Best Practice Approaches and Implementation 2018
10Students’ Creativity in Web-Writing 2.0: An Exploratory Case Study 2018
11Investigating Young Learner’s Engagement in EFL Classroom 2018
12Rethinking Full Day Schools in Indonesia: The Discursive Practices of Indonesian Newspaper 2018
13Moves within the Literature Reviews and Discussion Sections of International Postgraduate Theses and Dissertation on ELT and Applied Linguistics 2018
14Social Actors in an Intercultural Communication Classroom: A Discursive Lens of Intercultural Education 2018
15Promoting speaking Spontaneity in Large Classes: An Action Research Study in An Indonesian EFL University Setting 2018
16Investigating the Lecturers’ Scaffolding in an Indonesian Higher Education 2018
17Investigating Collaborative Research Project in an Undergraduate Study: Challenges and Opportunities 2018
18 Reading 2.0: The Use of Blog to Promote Learner’s Autonomy in Extensive Reading Classroom 2018
19EFL Learners’ Reading Learning in Web Based Instruction Setting 2018
20Changing Students’ Perception on Learning Extensive Listening through Youtube 2018
21The Role of Extensive Listening in English Foreign Language (EFL) Class 2018
22 Improving Students’ Oral Presentation Performance Through The Use Of Visual Media In Small Group Discussion 2018

Publikasi Tahun 2017

No. Judul Publikasi Tahun
1Education Fiasco: Discursive Strategies of School Zone System in Tempo 2017
2The Reflection of Pronunciation Teaching Materials: An Old Paradigm in a New Era 2017
3Invigorating the EFL Students in Acquiring New Linguistic Knowledge: Language Learning through Projects 2017
4Exploring the Use of Prezi as an Instructional Tool among English Language Teachers in Indonesia; A Narrative Perspective 2017
5Prezi, Cloud-Based Presentation, for Teaching: How Is It Interesting? 2017
6Teaching In 21st Century: Students-Teachers’ Perceptions of Technology Use in The Classroom 2017
7Challenges and Practices of Using Toondoo in English Young Learners Classroom 2017
8The Gap between Learning Needs and Its Implementation in English for Hospitality Specific Purposes 2017
9Digital Writing Tools: Teaching Argumentative Essays beyond the Traditional Frontiers 2017
10Role of Autonomy on Students’ Creativity in Writing Short Stories 2017
11Story-Based Reading: An Explorative Case Study of Students’ Oral Responding in the EFL Classroom 2017
12Peer Teaching in Students’ Writing Process 2017
13Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Berbasis E-Learning untuk Guru-Guru KKM di Lingkungan Kemenag Kabupaten Tasikmalaya 2017
14English Language Immersion Berbasis Kearifan Lokal bagi Siswa Sekolah Dasar 2017
15Cultural values Integration in English Language Learning for Indonesian Young Learners 2017